Tristan Barr & Lucas Linehan - "Monster Pies" - 2013

Thanks to "nosferatu" from Famous Male Forums for posting these .... will have to track movie down as I'm sure there are a lot more pics to cap for the site. He noted it just came out on  DVD in UK ... will have to have a look here. Some preview pics until I find/cap the movie

Justin Capaz - "Andre the Butcher" - 2005 - Set 1

Fluffer on the set!

Michael Goorjian - Deal of a Lifetime - 1999 - Update

Always liked this scene (even though it is way to short) but hated the way I presented it the first time out (lot of "pauses" on screen). Re-capped and at the bottom added a few pics zoomed in so the the black border is gone. Basic plot: Michael is in the class courtyard ....
The Devil decides to magically strip him down to his underwear with a snap of his fingers....
 Class is letting out ...

Superheros in their undies 4

Been awhile since i have done one of these so thought I would break the monotony of real people with some comic stuff.
The Human Torch

Franklin Richards?
 Random Victim - Villan wants to have sex with his wife.
 Iron Man



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