Craig Sheffer - Split Decisions

And this concludes the Craig Sheffer show.

I'm so lonely .....

Why won't anyone ever comment on my posts???? Why is the world so unfair???? Why???? Why???? Why?????

Craig Sheffer - The tighty whitie KING

Craig Sheffer - Fire with Fire

OK, I want the 80's back! So would you rather be the jail guard at this facility or the one in "cool hand Luke"? (Let's just assume they are all at least 18, as I am sure all the actors are).

Giovanni Ribisi - My Name is Earl

I think I might be the only person that thinks Giovanni is hot. Nice long scene in the whities.

The Big C - Embarrassment scene

Have never seen this show from Showtime but liked this scene/clip in which a couple is forced to disrobe down to their undies. By the way, I often have the video's that caps are taken from (not always though) so if you want video of scenes let me know and I will see if I have it to post.

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Ken Olandt - April Fool's Day (redux)

For whatever reason the post I did on Ken is the most viewed post (by far) on this site. And what I posted was pretty stingy so I went back and capped a bunch of pictures from the movie. GIve the people what they want!

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Screwballs -1983

Pretty horrible teen sex comedy but these movies could always be counted on for some good underwear sightings. I love how the two "cool" guys are the ones in briefs (as it should be) while the heavy guy and the "nerd" wear the boxers. Unlike today all these guys have normal bodies and don't look like they spent everyday at the gym. Although it is kind of funny that the "nerd" (who I suspect would be good looking if not for the glasses, hair and weird faces they have him continually make) has the best body of all of them and is rocking a 6 pack (I think). Anyway boxers and briefs represented here (although I obviously focused on the briefs). If you like boxers there is a decent scene earlier in the  movie with a good looking guy fighting another guy while clad only in his boxers at a drive-in. Finally, if you are bi-sexual you are covered here too! Enjoy.

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