Extras - Best little whorehouse in Texas - 1982

Boy was this movie a blown opportunity. Despite the fact that the movie was filmed in the 80's almost all the cast wore boxers. Even during the lengthy locker room scene and shots of the football guys running out of the whorehouse in their underwear, only two are seen (briefly) in tighty whities. This should have been a classic!

Extra - Bachelor Party - 1984

This shot was so quick some of the pics are kind of blurry.

? - Bachelor Party - 1984

Think someone suggested this. Unusual changing room.

Peter Facinelli - "The Price of Love" - 1995

On of Peter's early films. TV move in which he portrays a male prostitute. While he is clearly in tighty whities there aren't lot of good pics and the source material is week. Credit where credit is, the gifs are from "My new plaid pants" site (great site by the way - heavily recommend it).

Lucas Neff - Raising.Hope. -S04E05

Per request

Lance Van Der Kolk.,Bryan Genesse,Alan Deveau,Jason Warren - Screwballs 2 - 1985

I don't know what the heck this movie is called. Sometimes it's "loose screws 2." Colored and white briefs ... something for everyone for once.


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