? - Australian Rules

Thanks to reader for pointing this out ... taken from http://yfrontsmen.tumblr.com.

Ace Amerson - The Real World Paris

Ace is back in the news (but not in a good way) so I thought I would post this. I stole this from probably the best underwear site on the net so pay it a visit if you don't already have it bookmarked.

This is weird .....

So this is weird. Apparently I have been banned from the Underwear4men site which I didn't even belong to and have never posted to. I would check the board occasionally to see it they listed any new underwear scenes in media and then try to find them for the board. How do you get banned from a site you have never posted to???

? - Blue Jeans

Horrible source (so horrible caps) .. guy tricked into getting naked and then having clothes stolen.

Jeff Horn - Weigh-in

Colored brief Wednesday rears it's ugly head again .. this guy is smoking hot though!

Scott Glenn - My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Thanks to reader for pointing this one out ... it was smoky in the scene so the caps aren't great.


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