Josh Duhamel - Picture of Dorian Gray - - 2005

Sam sent in some more pics for the blog .... I added a pic at the bottom (from his modeling days) that make the post NSFW though. Must admit I like Josh better as a brunette.

Zach Galligan - "All Tied Up" - NSFW

Colored briefs wednesdays makes a reappearance! Had a crush on this guy back from "Gremlins" days. Was always hoping he would do a scene in white briefs but this is the best I could find. Was reminded of him while watching new(ish) horror flick "Hatchet 3" on netflix streaming.

Matthew Gray Gubler - "Life after Beth" - 2014

Underwear4men site (and especially briefsforme) has been really coming up with some good stuff lately. Never heard of this flick.

Jon Cryer - "Morgan Stewart's Coming Home' -1987

I have never forgiven Jon Cryer for ruining Superman 4.


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