Seth Meriwether - Society S1. ep.5

Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.

James Franco - The Deuce S.02 E.01

A huge thanks to Charlie for these pics ... think this is the first time James has been in tighty whites? Now, we need Dave to follow suit!

? - Chernobyl ep. 1

Tried to brighten the pics a bit ... why are underwear scenes always in the dark lately????

Fun links

So reader Charlie is also a photographer who specializes in taking pics of guys in tighty whities. He has generously agreed to let me post his instagram sites for everyones enjoyment. 

Want to see Charlie in his briefs? He has that covered also:

If you like what you see feel free to drop him a comment and follow his instagram.

Kevin Bernhardt in Treacherous - NSFW

Somehow I missed these caps a reader/contributor sent in months ago .. not exactly tighty whites but I'm sure people will enjoy! I remember this guy being smoking hot in Hellraiser 3.

Michael Joseph Murray - The Deuce - NSFW

Pics sent in from friend of the blog, Charlie. Thanks!

Tom Ellis - Lucifer S.4 ep. 08

Okay, none of these are great shots but these are clearly tighty whites, right?


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