Operation Repo

A reader (think it was Capt. Cold) pointed this out to me and just getting around to posting it. Per IMDB:Operation Repo consists of what are purported to be actual stories of repossession incidents; however, the show depicts scripted and dramatized re-enactments in which the cast "recreates" incidents using actors and staged action footage.


Added a few better caps of the Charlie McDermott and Sebastian Stan - "Hot tub time machine" - deleted scene I found on the famous males forums. Instead of doing an entire new post for 3 pics just put them at the top of the original post. Search function will take you to it if interested.

Channing Tatum - "Stop/Loss"

Did anyone see the special features section of the DVD for "This is the End" and are there any extra scenes of Channing worth buying it for? In the meantime, here's this:

Raphael Sbarge - "Prison for Children" - last post (I think)

Punished by being forced to "assume the position" all night clad only in briefs.

Sal Mineo - "Who killed Teddy Bear?" - 1965

This is an interesting movie to say the least. It was, at least partially, an attempt by Sal Mineo to move into more challenging roles and be seen in a different light. Mission accomplished! Movie featured obscene phone calls, voyeurism, implied masturbation, implied incest, trips to the porn shop, a predatory lesbian (it was 1965), and more. Matter of fact it was banned in England back in the day - more for subject matter than anything else (ie no real nudity). Several sites stated that this was the first movie to feature a male in tight white briefs instead of boxers (not sure if this is true or not) but I doubt there are many films that spend so much time lovingly fetishizing the male leads body.Anyway bunch of pics to follow. BTW, if you have any interest in Sal Mineo (one of the few actors brave enough to talk about his sexuality in the 70's) this is a great book:

Interview where Sal talks about the role and underwear: And it was also at that time I was doing the film Who Killed Teddy Bear? with Juliet Prowse, where I played a telephone freak, and we were having this hassle with the censors. "You see, in some of the shots while I was on the 'phone they wanted to sorta suggest that I was masturbating, but I couldn't be naked - this was '67 or '68. So I was just wearing jockey shorts. It turned out that that was the first American film where a man wore jockey shorts. They always hadda wear boxer shorts on screen. So I got hit with all of this, and I'm laughing about all this controversy about what is considered obscene! Imagine! And only a few years later we've got Deep Throat!"First pics have Sal in briefs but you don't see his face in any of the shots (you aren't supposed to know who the obscene caller is yet)


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