Aristotle Polites - Model

Odds and Ends

Not sure who these guys are or if I have posted them before but here they are.

James Hill - reality show

Posted pics before but here is a gif I got from somewhere

Real guys - Rodeo

Ditto ..  a reader pointed this one out awhile ago ... undies at the rodeo!

Real Guys - Arrest

I do remember a reader pointed this out .. some guys (and gals) getting arrested from long ago in their underwear.

Trent Garrett

Think it said this guy is on Andi Mack.

David Ortega - actor / singer

Some House cleaning posts coming up

Going to post some odds and ends stuff for next few posts .. don't remember where I got them so if I stole them from your site OR you recommended it to me and I don't acknowledge, sorry!

John Amplas - Martin

Reader find. And since it's Halloween here is a vampire (of sorts).

Ha Jung-Woo- The Chaser

Reader find. This is one where the context kind of kills the mood so I recommend you don't watch the scene and instead view this a high concept underwear ad that went off the rails.


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