Cowboy- "Contest Winner" - youtube

Have posted on this guy before. He has a regular youtube channel and definitely caters to certain fetishes (smoking, blue collar, drinking etc). This was a recent post in which he announced the winner of the tighty whities he was wearing in this video. The winners name was "Seaman" because, of course, it was.

Jerry O'Connell - test

I have mentioned before that I lighten a lot of pictures on here because they seem dark when I cap them from the source material. I'm starting to wonder if this is just my computer screen. My question is it worth the time to do this? Look at these lightened pics from Jerry O'Connell and the original caps from a few posts back. Better? Worse? Waste of time? 

Topher Grace - "That's 70's Show" - set 2

Reader's suggestion/request:
Topher got a lot of love in the first set of postings yesterday so here is some more. Would be nice to wake up to this.

Various - "Up the Creek" - pt. 2

Reader suggestion:
Nerd! Bondage! Humiliation! Tighty Whities! It's the 80's. Not much more to see here but just to finish out all the TW scenes in the movie:

Mark Ruffalo - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - 2004

Reader request:
Hulk got moves!

Jerry O'Connell - "Las Vegas" - Season 3 ep.3

Another reader suggestion: I know it has been said a million times but it still amazes me the heavy set kid in "Stand By Me" grew up into this body. BTW, not sure where the picture of him in tighty whities sitting on the chair is from.


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