Sal Mineo - Best. Dance. Ever

OK, I freely admit I am obsessed with Sal Mineo. He crammed a pretty fascinating life between his role as "Plato"in "Rebel with out a Cause" to his early death (murder). One of his more interesting roles was    in the somewhat lurid "Who killed Teddy Bear" and the clip is from this movie. The camera fetishizes Sals body throughout the film and I'll be doing a post on it later. Meanwhile enjoy the best dance scene ever.

Allan Kayser (grey briefs) and Charles Schillaci (White briefs) -"Hot Chili" - 1985

Horrible quality but I don't think this cinematic gem is ever going to get the cleaned up DVD treatment. Another teen sex comedy from the 80's this one had Allan Kayser, best known as "Bubba" in Mama's Family, in grey briefs and another guy in white briefs. Shame about the quality as this would have made a good scene. There are some decent shots farther down the post where they are hanging off a building.

Michael Manasseri - "Weird Science" - TV - expanded

OK, last extended re-post for now. Just love this scene and was able to get a few extra caps from it so thought I would put them up.

Matt Smith - "Womb" - 2010

Weds colored briefs courtesy of Matt Smith, Dr. Who from 2010-2013.

"Killer Bash" - 2005 - expanded

Reader was asking about this scene and I always wanted to post better caps from it, so here they are.

"Extras" - "Running Brave" - 1983 pt.3

Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - "making of" - video

Not really underwear (although there is a quick shot) but interesting

Mark Patton - "Nightmare on Elm Street 2" - expanded

Mark wrote a lengthy blog post about what happened to him after this film (or rather what happened to Jesse as the piece as written is that the actual events occurred to Jesse and they later filmed it with Mark Patton). It's worth reading if you are a fan and does finally answer the question of whether or not Jesse was gay.


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