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Honestly I have no idea who this is. By watching the video as I capped it, I understand he was on some reality show. Not really my type (actually I think it is just his haircut I don't care for) but he went to the trouble of wearing briefs so he deserves a post I suppose.

Brad Davis - "A Small Circle of Friends" - expanded - 1980

This set of pics focuses primarily on Brad Davis in the flick:

Silent Library - "3OH3" and "The Ready set" - MTV

Pretty sure the 2nd guy from the right is from 3OH3.  These pics make pretty plain they are always wearing jockstraps under the briefs.

Various - Guys of "Sleepaway Camp" - expanded - 1983

 "You girls won't go skinny dipping with us? Fine, us guys will go skinny dipping without you."


Someone out there, make me a good banner for the top of the page! Readership (viewership?) is down and I need a new snazzy banner to get back in the game!!!!

"Guy in Car in Underwear - Ad

You don't see much here but I still really like this ad cause I like embarrassment/tighty whitie scenes. Another gift from a reader.

Patrick Dempsey - Coupe de Ville - 1990

Couldn't find this anywhere and then a reader came through. Enjoy.


Want to thank 3 readers who sent in some great stuff for the blog over the past few days. I will be posting it mixed in with regular postings. really appreciate when people send in stuff I don't have so it can be shared with a wider audience. So thanks V, Ryan and Pluto!

Extra's - "A Small Circle of Friends" - 1980

Am going to re-post better pics of Brad Davis and Daniel Stern in separate posts (although there will be some obvious overlap). Army induction scene for Vietnam.

Charlie Hofheimer - "Madmen" - TV

                                                     Why do people wear socks to bed?

Freddie Stroma - Underwear ad - 2008

Filmed prior to his role in the "Harry Potter" movies this is a video where Freddie dances for over 6 minutes in various types of underwear. I just capped the tighty whities but no matter what type of underwear you like you are likely to find him in them here. Thanks to Fren for the link. http://youtu.be/VrlDjV6IqAw


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