David Shatraw - Titus

Thanks for pointing this out! I read once that Zack Ward had a tighty whitie scene in Titus but was never able to confirm. Would love to see that if true. Anyone?

Josh Brolin - "The Finish Line" - 1989

Thanks to Adam for pointing this out on Youtube .. I couldn't get the movie to work so I just downloaded it from there. Would it have killed his dad (James Brolin) to move his arm during this scene! So we have now seen father and son in their briefs (in separate movies) .. who is the winner?

Peter Coyote - Heartbreaks - 1984

Kevin Miranda - Consent - NSFW

Reader pointed out this is now on Youtube .. I suggest you watch ASAP before it disappears. One of the hottest videos I have ever seen (if you are into the subject matter).


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