Jack Noseworthy - "Poster Boy" - 2006

Another one I thought I posted. I love this guy but wish my source was better (and the scenes were lighter). Anyone got better pics of this scene?

Justin timberlake - modeling session

Pics were reader suggestion. Think the words below were from Timberlakes twitter feed?

Justin Timberlake Real men #cantlivewithout tighty whities 

Arthur Moncla and Rémi Bresson - "Juste un peu de reconfort" - 2004 - video

The French really do seem to produce some of the most beautiful young men (IMHO)

"Jesus hates me" - Scott Lemon play

Marshall Allman Starcrossed

John Nicotine - "Cowboy stripping to superman briefs" - Youtube

Pretty self-explanatory, especially the guys nick-name (hot guy but he is going to cough himself into the hospital ward ...)

So if you could pants any celebrity (with the assumption they are in tighty whties) while a crowd was around who would it be?

Reese Madigan - "American Shaolin" - 1991

Posted this video awhile ago but realized I never put up pics. This scene deserves both pics and vid. During a martial arts fight one of the guys depants the other guy. The crowd roars with laughter while the guy just lays there like an idiot. He finally scampers away from the crowd, dignity (not) intact.

 Going for the belt!


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