Does anyone know of any other 80's horror movies with guys in tighty whities ...

I haven't posted yet? I might have some more but think I am out and i wouldn't mind trying to track down ones I haven't seen to add to the site if I don't have them. A lot of the clips I post are because a reader requests or comments on a flick they saw (i.e.  "Hide and go shriek") ... anyway, let me know so we can continue to build this up as the biggest database of tighty whitey scenes on the net (the wikipedia of briefs as it were).

1) Brittain Frye (2) Sean Kanan (the dead one) and (3) Scott Fults - "Hide and Go Shriek" - 1987

This is actually a pretty good slasher movie although the ending is a bit homophobic. This being the 80's teens had sex, teens wore briefs, and teens were killed. It was a little more atmospheric than most flicks of it's genre/era. Obviously source materiel is awful .... not sure there is better quality out there though.

Adam Tate - "Saturday Morning Mystery" - 2012

Thanks to V for pointing out this scene to me. Basically a take-off on "Scooby Doo" but not as good.

Josh Charles - "Under the Bridge"

I know someone requested this at some point so here it is. Just guys being guys:


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