Tom Alexander - "Dream a Little Evil" - 1990 - set 1

Could have swore I posted this but couldn't find it in the "search" feature. Sorry if repeat. Also, the source is pretty crummy so caps didn't turn out good. But, on the other hand, what a great scene. You can find a fun review of the film here if interested:

"In my Head" - TV show

From the "V" collection: "This is from a short-lived show called Game Show In My Head. The contestant, Seth, has to convince people to give him the clothes off of their backs. He has ten minutes to get socks, shoes, pants, and a shirt. He's not wearing white briefs, but I figured you could use it on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, I only have part of the segment. So while I know he is successful in getting all the clothes he needs, I don't have caps for that. Maybe someone else will."

Kyle Newacheck - "Workaholics" - 2013

For revenge a girl tricks two straight guys (that were going to film her having sex without her knowledge) into doing sexual acts together.


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