Break time

Since I am a bit burnt out on posting and there is a holiday coming up this seems like a good time to take a short break. Be back soon.

Adam Rayner - "Tyrant" - 1.10

Hmmm ... are these briefs or boxer briefs?

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - You Better Pray - music video

Colored brief weds is a request from Tao (who also pointed it out). Embarrassment scene with two girls pantsing the guy for the jocks amusement. Don't worry, he gets revenge (unfortunately it doesn't involve pantsing).

Clark Gregg (Kinda/sorta) - Ultimate Spider-man

Well, to be fair, Clark provides the voice to the character and it is animated based on his role as "Agent Coulson" from SHIELD. This might be as close as you get to seeing him in tighty whities so take what you can get :-). Oh, and of course spider-man makes fun of him for being in "tighty whities" instead of boxers. ho-hum.

Nick Nolte - "North Dallas Forty" - 1979

One thing I don't miss from the 70's ... the porn mustache so many people seemed to have. No offense to those that like and/or have them, just a preference on my part.

"The Seniors"

Does anyone have any caps from this 1970's movie (with Dennis Quaid) they could send me? I saw the movie on youtube and there is at least one decent tighty whitey scene (may be quaid) but it is so pixelated I can't get any usable caps. If no one has it I might just buy it and cap it (it's pretty cheap on amazon). Just thought I would try the free route first. Thanks


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