Adam Rayner - "Tyrant" - 1.10

Hmmm ... are these briefs or boxer briefs?


  1. I think trunks. Damn.

    1. Having grown up in that paradise which was once America where every guy - and I mean every guy - in my high school wore white briefs, I don't even know the difference between "boxer briefs" and "trunks." What is it?

    2. Ostensibly, trunks have shorter legs, but aside front that they're basically the same. Like between briefs and boxer briefs.

    3. Thanks for explaining the difference. One reason I like this site is that everyone is helpful. It just confirms my belief that guys who wear white briefs not only look great in them but are really good people too.

  2. More opinions about it, here :

    It's really hard to say, because the glimpse is very short. If they are trunks, they are very short may be not the good size, may be shorten by washmachine . If they are briefs they are surprisingly square cut. The action occures nowaday and the character is supposed to live in teh USA for 20 years. His wife, his children are americans. The way of clothing of the whole family is occidental at any points.

    Something else seems strange to me : the way the scene is shot. Was the camera supposed to show the underwear, like a costumer choice or not ? Why are they sleeping under those cover ? The weather seems so hot ! May be, may be, the cover was here to hide, legs and underwear of the both actors. In this case, there was not official underwear for the scene. And the guy go quickly into the bed to avoid exposing his own undies. Their short exposure is like a small mistake during shooting. But why would an actor wear such strange pants : not really briefs, not really trunks, the day he has so spent time in bed with an actress ?

  3. These are obviously trunks.



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