Nick Nolte - "North Dallas Forty" - 1979

One thing I don't miss from the 70's ... the porn mustache so many people seemed to have. No offense to those that like and/or have them, just a preference on my part.


  1. I like those movies you watch for the first time hoping there's a guy in his underwear in a scene and the scene happens before the opening credits even finish...SCOOOORE!!!!! Kind of like Staying Together did when I first watched it.

  2. I remember that scene in the next one he is bent over the tub turning the water on you can see his reflection from the mirror I wish he would have taken his undewear off while he was still bent over the tub before turning around to face the mirror.He takes his underwear off later but not where the camera can see. If he had done it in front of the mirror we would have been able to clearly see his penis when he turned around to the mirror.

  3. he was hot then, albeit a bit sleezy



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