The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - You Better Pray - music video

Colored brief weds is a request from Tao (who also pointed it out). Embarrassment scene with two girls pantsing the guy for the jocks amusement. Don't worry, he gets revenge (unfortunately it doesn't involve pantsing).


  1. Gah it is such a shame American Apparel briefs didn't catch on when I was in high school

  2. Seeing this led me to the realization you don't see many pantsings in movies. MEATBALLS, WEIRD SCIENCE... a few others.

  3. This could be something for a future colored brief post, from the show WORKAHOLICS. Couldn't find the all the scenes in one file, which was annoying. (That's why three files are here.): (1) *and* (2) from 0:30 until 1:07 (for a scene not in the first link) *and* (3) (for a scene not in that first or second link) from 1:32 until the end.

  4. That workaholics stuff made me laugh so much.

    Anyway, glad you posted it.

    There are a few more 'positions' that you missed capping but you got all the essentials there.

    This is a great archive, hope it lasts literally forever. If I find more stuff I'll pass it along.

    1. I find it amusing that he did a bodybuilding competition in underwear and shoes and socks. The joke being that he had no idea how a real bodybuilding competition worked. I just wish I could have found the entire episode (or at least the last five minutes of the episode) on Youtube in a single file. There's this one, too, which has some of the things that the other three files missed:



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