Peter Facinelli - "The Price of Love" - 1995

On of Peter's early films. TV move in which he portrays a male prostitute. While he is clearly in tighty whities there aren't lot of good pics and the source material is week. Credit where credit is, the gifs are from "My new plaid pants" site (great site by the way - heavily recommend it).

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Stacy Keach - "Fat City" - 1972

Declan Davoren - Firehouse - Youtube video

Video is way to long but the guy looks good in his briefs. Click on link to watch:
Firehouse briefs

Has anyone seen the new "American Psycho" play with Matt Smith?

Speaking to the BBC after the show, the actor admitted his first appearance on stage, clad only in a pair of tiny white underpants and an eye mask was a bit of a hurdle.
"Its kind of cool, there's something sort of superhero-ish about it which is fun. But I shouldn't really be drinking this beer, it's not good for the tighty whities."
Smith's physique has been praised even in the most critical reviewsWriting in Variety, David Benedict said: "The tall, fit body of ice-cool Matt Smith in nothing but tight white briefs and an aqua eye mask — slavishly re-creates the UK's DVD cover image of the movie.

David Poole - "Naked Instinct" - 1993

Skinamax type flick ... pretty sure this was directed by David Decoteau.

Michael Dorman - 50 ways of saying fabulous - 2005

 Gay kid is super excited because his sisters great looking boyfriend (and the handyman on their farm) is going to sleep in his room. He is then super annoyed cause his sister keeps poking her head in the door interrupting the guy undressing.

Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin

Just now figured out I can link directly to Youtube (duh) ... good video from PSB pointed out by Fren .
Pet Shop Boys - "It's a Sin"

?-"Drawn to the Flame" - 1997

Pretty horrible caps but the only place I could find the scene was streaming on some Russian (?) site. Anyway, by the end of the caps the cop is handcuffed by an angry women outside where she then pants him and leaves him that way as she drives off.


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