Don Johnson - "The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart" (1970)

Thanks to a poster below for suggesting this one. Apparently this was Don Johnsons first acting role. Not the best caps, but it seems unlikely this will ever be released on DVD so this is the best I can do. It actually looks more clear on YouTube.

Bart Johnson - "Solid Grind" Website


what inspired that?

Mar 20, 2006broox (photographer of pic)

i don't exactly remember, but i think it went something like this...
"dude, you wear tighty whities?"
"hell yeah"
"... slide that rail in your underwear!"

Christopher Reeve - "Village of the Damned"

Still the best Superman (IMHO) with Brandon Routh in second (yes, I am one of the few who seemed to prefer "superman returns" over "Man of steel").

Ben Cohen - former England rugby player

OK, I flat out stole this from "Famous Male Forums" today.

Skeet Ulrich - "Nobody's Baby" - 2001 - video

You're welcome for what I cut out of this scene.
2nd half after the jump


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