Brad Davis - Redux - NSFW

The late, great Brad Davis deserves far more than the pic or two I posted earlier from "Midnight Express."

Matt Prokop - Cougar Hunters 2011

Not really my cup of tea, but I'm sure he is to someone's liking that stops by here so:

Satan's Children

OK, I really don't know how to explain this one. It has the production qualities of a snuff film. It is simultaneously EXTREMELY homophobic, while at the same time trying to be homoerotic. I think I will just post some other comments I have seen about this movie that sum it up better than I can:
this movie is like an afterschool special made by john waters

This has got to be one of the most fascinating films I've ever seen, but has anyone been able to figure out what message it is trying to convey? Normally I don't assume that the lead characters of any film are intended to act as lofty moral examples to the audience, nor do I assume that every film has a message, but the characters engage in more "moralizing" than in any Biblical epic I've ever seen. Unless the director deliberately set out to offend everyone (with the possible exception of crazed homophobic Satanists), I just don't know what to make of this movie! The only thing that has ever left me feeling this dumbfounded are Michael Jackson videos.

I believe this film offers a pertinant message about the dangers of running away from home. Moreover, the film is saying Satan doesn't like homosexuals. Plus there's a pretty profound statement about empowering yourself through embracing Satan and his ideals. Heavy stuff, man! 

This insane Florida shot no budget quickie would have fallen into oblivion had it not been for SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO rescueing it and releasing it in the late 90's. Found as the second feature on the dvd release of ASYLUM OF SATAN this one has it all, felt puppet Satan statues, heroic teens in tighty whitie underwear, casual homophobia, not so casual homo-eroticism, angry she-babes in Satanic Cults, Simon the Devil master, Oatmeal quicksand, the longest foot chase in screen history, and the weirdest incest subplot south Florida could supply, as well as a scene that predates Frank Booth's "friendly Neighbor" from Blue Velvet by ten years. Yep this one has it ALL!
Okay, enough reading; first here is the trailer for this epic:
Now on to about 3 gazillion pictures of a movie extolling the evils of homosexuality by showing bound naked young men and young men (he was at least 18, I checked) running around everywhere in this tighty whities. WTF???

Cameron Dye

OK, despite what the first pic says, that is not Grant Kramer in the below scene. It is Cameron Dye. If you grew up in the 80's you likely have seen Mr. Dye. He was in such 80's staples as "Valley Girl," "Fraternity Vacation," "the last star-fighter" and others. Back in the day I thought this guy was pretty hot and I was glad to come across this scene/video not to long ago. 

Arthur Napiontek - Cleaning Hunk - No, seriously!

OK, this blog will always be primarily about white briefs but some pics/videos have to be seen even if they don't meet that criteria. This is one of them.

At least one white brief pic

And he was in the Brotherhood V, and even made out with a guy. Still wrong underwear but what you going to do?

Sam Keeley - TV Series "Raw"

Richard Grieco - If Looks Could Kill

This scene has to be in the top 10 tighty whitie scenes of all time:

James Russo - Cold Heaven

Various athletes - warning NSFW

David Beckham

Tom Brady

                                                              UFC Fighter pat barry

                                  This is from a real basketball game - I think a college game?

                                      Brian Joubert

                                                          Daniel Goddard


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