Eric Mabius - Reeker - Expanded

Eric Peter-Kaiser - Evilution - Expanded

Tried to lighten up the first few pics but it was shot so dark they didn't come out well.
This was a great comment from a reader on the original post:

Great scene. I bought this on DVD and listened to the commentary. It's the director, Eric, and the actress Sandra. They actually spend a few minutes talking about the briefs. The director said it was his decision to put Eric in briefs. Apparently there had been a debate on what kind of underwear to use. The director thought it would be good to throw this scene in as a bit of comedy before the horror. The briefs were bought for Eric but he kept them. Sandra said she had a hard time not looking down at Eric's package and that this was her favorite scene. It was apparently also one of the first scenes they shot.


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