Jay R. Ferguson - "Mad Men"

Source sucks .... if anyone knows episode/season may be able to get better caps. Jay appeared in his tighty whities in the TV series "The Outsiders" a few times but think he was only about 16 at the time.

Michael Welch - "All the boys love Mandy Lane" - 2006

Friend to the blog, "V" strikes again with these pics. Looked this guy up on IDMB and he looks to be fairly well known. I guess he would be best known for the "Twilight" movies (I've never seen them so I don't know how big his role is). Enjoy.

Zachary Quinto - Youtube

Various - Gloria - 1999 - NSFW

Wednesdays are usually reserved for colored briefs but, to be honest, I couldn't think of any scenes I had on hand. This scene could have been 1000x better if even one of the guys was in white briefs, but it is still a pretty good embarrassment scene. Sharon Stone forces a group of guys (mobsters?) to strip at gun point. Nudity after the jump so not safe for work.
 Think this is the best looking guy personally.

 Not the best day for the guy in the middle to be wearing a thong.

Kunal Nayyar - "Big Bang Theory" - Revised/expanded

Thought I had more pics from this scene .....


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