Michael Goorjian - "Deal of a Lifetime"

Interesting thing about this scene is that early in the movie the character is seen wearing boxers. When the Devil sets out to embarrass him though, by stripping him in front of his classmates, he is in briefs. Was he just wearing briefs that day or did the Devil know that the best way to embarrass him would be by switching the boxers to briefs as part of the humiliation? Never understood why anyone would be embarrassed being seen in boxers ... they are just like being in shorts.

Nicholas Brendon - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - boxer/briefs/speeos

In the only overt underwear scene on the show (with Nicholas) he is shown in boxers (He has a nightmare he shows up to school in his underwear) but ... in the last show of season 6 it sure looks like he is wearing white briefs to me. He is leaning over a hole and almost falls in. When he falls forward someone (or something) is pulling back on his pants so he doesn't actually fall (I doubt the viewing audience is supposed to actually register any of this - scene only lasts a few seconds). Anyway his underwear is fairly exposed and they look like white briefs to me (guess they could be boxer briefs but in my mind they aren't). Also threw in pics of him from episode where he was in a speedo.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 - 1991 - video

Nick Paonessa - "Unscripted" - 2005

reader pointed this out many times and I am finally posting it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get great caps. Anyway Nick is caught out in the living area in his undies by the people staying with him.

Seth Ginsberg - Without a trace s.7x10 (Repost/expanded)

Student is supposed to be getting award in school and is instead humiliated by peers who shove him on stage in his underwear. They say in the episode that he was nicknamed "Fruit of the Loom" from then on. Thanks to reader below who suggested scene. Thanks to V for pointing out a better source ... just did a quick recap and added some additional pics.


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