Adam LaVorgna - "I'll be home for Christmas"

Not an underwear scene BUT I wasn't going to post anything this weekend anyway so consider it a bonus something or other. Pretty good embarrassment scene from a "family" flick.

"Troy" - "Payback Time" - Adult Site - Set 1

So Troy owes money (gambling debts) to these two guys and since he can't pay it he has to do whatever he is told for a week. To make sure he doesn't run away they take his clothes. Wackiness ensues!

Various - Zapped - 1982

This movie had so much potential to be the best underwear movie ever but in the end it was a major disappoint (It goes without saying the movie sucked irregardless). The end of the movie had Scott Baio use his telekinetic powers at prom to disrobe his classmates. Unfortunately for this site, he was a lot more interested in disrobing the women than the men and the men, for the most part, were wearing colored, or bikini, briefs.  Was also hard to make any good caps because of the quick motions of the actors.

Tony Janning - "Legend of Neil" - 2008 (Web series) - Set 2

A little bondage for the fans:

Tony Janning - "Legend of Neil" - 2008 (Web series) - Set 1

Thanks to Captain Cold for pointing this one out to me. A life action parody of the "Legend of Zelda" game (kind of), I thought it was hilarious (actually ending up buying the DVD after watching them online. Tony is the main character; a regular guy who gets "sucked" into the Legend of Zelda game and has to fight his way out.


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