Rob Delaney - Self-post

Reader just mentioned finding this in comment box .... this must be comedian week after the Tosh post. Good looking guy.

John Corbett - "Baby on Board" - video = NSFW

Reader request

Daniel Tosh - "Tosh.O"

From a skit last night. A take off on "behind the Candelabra." Notice the obvious briefs under the clothes at first. Did my best to cut off the guest he had in the skit as he was possibly the most annoying person I have seen in years and don't want to give him any publicity.

John Corbett - "Baby on Board" - 2009 - NSFW

John being caught doing something by his wife that every man in the world does.

Ryan Phillippe - white squall

Under-rated movie. This was a brutal scene to watch in it.

Kelly Jones - "Stereophonics"

These pictures don't do Kelly Justice. Knowing he proudly rocks briefs makes me like him even more.

Heres a short Q and A he did:

Writing music or playing live?

Writing music 

Rock 'n' roll or the quiet life?

I quite like the rock n roll, actually 

Boxers or briefs?

Briefs, always 

Champagne or lager?

Champagne - the briefs don't look so good with the lager 

Beatles or Stones?

The Stones today 

Blondes or brunettes?

Brunettes dyed blonde 

Chinese or Pizza Hut?


Boobs or bum?

I'm a bum man 

Rugby or football?


British rock or American rock?

British rock

Sexual Dependency - 2003 - set 1 - NSFW

 Entire movie (there are more scenes to post) is shot this way ... split screen. Someone has seen too many Brian De Palma movies. Bolivian/USA film.

Andy Samberg - "The Sarah Silverman Show"

Seems fitting to post Andy since his new show debuted last night. Show was actually pretty good. For fans of speedos he had a scene wearing a speedo and dress shirt (went ahead and added that pic at the end).

                                                       Is it just me or is that odd bottle placement?

Bo Hopkins - "White Lightning" - 1973

Reader request

Charles Ross - 9/16/2013 - Stripped to underwear for baseball run

A tighty-whitey underwear “streaker” who jumped onto the field and interrupted the Tampa Bay Rays game Monday night spent the night in the Pinellas County Jail, authorities said.
And it's not the first time underwear has gotten him in trouble with law enforcement.
Charles T. Ross, 19, of Bradenton, the man arrested at Tropicana Field, was also arrested in January after authorities said he gave wedgies to strangers at a Bradenton movie theater.
This brief shenanigan was in a slightly larger arena — a Major League Baseball game at Tropicana Field.
Just before the fifth inning of the Rays' game against the Texas Rangers, fans saw a man strip to his skivvies, do a flip over the visitors' dugout and try to literally steal second base before security personnel tackled him.
And from there, the sparse crowd of 10,724 was made one fewer.
Ross, of 916 65th St. N.W., Bradenton, was booked by St. Petersburg police at 9:53 p.m. on charges of resisting a merchant, trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was released at 1:05 p.m. Tuesday after time served. No bail was involved.
However, social media had no qualms about showing the quasi-flashing, with photos and videos tweeted and retweeted by many, including Jaime Edmondson, wife of Rays third baseman Evan Longoria.
After Ross' January arrest at the Bradenton theater, he told The Tampa Tribune, “I get the cops called on a lot of the pranks that I do. I wasn't surprised to, like, see them and stuff. And doing what I do, I kind of, like, expect things can happen.”
                                                                              Mug Shot!


"I spit on your Grave 2"

After this the slicing and dicing begins. Honestly this is a pretty gross (and not in a good way) movie. This is the very definition of torture porn so if you aren't into this stuff (I'm not) steer clear. 


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