Andrew Gray - Red Ranger

Think this guy is going to be the new "Red Ranger" (as in Mighty morphing power rangers or whatever they call themselves these days).

Raphael Sbarge and Josh Brolin, others - Prison for children - Video's

Broke down the videos because I know some people wanted to see them. Took out a scene with an underage kid and a rape scene, otherwise these all all the scenes that contain underwear. Thanks to the reader who sent me a better quality compilation of the scenes (lost e-mail of you were are but feel free to take credit in comment section).

Sean Penn - "The falcon and the snowman" - 1985 - set 2 - NSFW

To this day, I still thing the Sean Penn-Madonna marriage was one of the most bizarre pairings. They seem to exist on twos different continuums in terms of how they present themselves to the world. Here he is surprised by his friend Timothy Hutton showing up in his room.

Sean Penn - "The falcon and the snowman" - 1985 - set 1

Based on true story. In this scene he has been stripped and then is interrogated. It's been awhile since I have seen this but I think the couple that sits down are his parents. Cause who doesn't want to be interrogated in your underwear with your parents in the room?

Matt Keeslar - ?

Don't know what these are from but figure this would finish up all the Matt Keeslar photos I have.

James Deen - Google glasses parody

Honestly not sure what the point of this was (I saw it but forgot). Underwear came off pretty quick (he is a porn star after all ) so not many pics. Since it's colored briefs weds added some pics of him in them (not sure what they are from).

Matt Keeslar - Spendor - 1999

Have to admit his hair being dyed blonde didn't work for me. Thought he looked WAY better in "The run of the Country." Anyway, game of truth or door results in his losing his pants and a bit more ..

Lucas Neff - "Raising Hope" -2013 - S04e05

Strutting down the street in pants he designed....
                                                      Unaware they hit a snag .......

                                               Confidently approaches a group of girls .....

                                                                                  and .........


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