Fabio (and others) -1313: Nightmare Mansion

The First of the 1313 series ... I actually bought this one based on the trailer. I would have bought more of them if they had actually tried (at all) to make an actual movie. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the guys in briefs but these movies are ridiculous. I'm not sure they even bother writing a script. This one is probably the most (in)famous as it stars "Fabio" from a season of Survivor. This probably wasn't the savviest career move for him. He's the one licking the knife. Not the best caps but here you go:


Looks like people are looking for a change in the look of the blog. Wondering what you guys want to change? I was looking at different "theme" changes that are available and most of them will wipe out the extra sections (like recent comments, reactions and "you might like"). I might be able to add them back in but I'm not sure. What changes are recommended? New header? Fewer pics? less clutter on the sides?


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