Alexander Skarsgard - Copy - "Free your Mind" - music video

Alexander Skarsgard is in the new video in his tighty whities but it's hard to get any good caps from it. Not feeling the long hair either. But if you want to see the video it is on Youtube. The better, lighter, pics (after the first one) at the top are from the "My new plaid pants" blog. It's a great blog.

 The dark crummy pics are mine :-(

Sasha Mitchell

No idea what this is from. Just saw an old article in people that said (in part): "He refuses to appear in beer or underwear ads (forget about it) and won't do sex scenes in movies. Really forget about it. "I think it's garbage, and it's wrong to do it," says Mitchell flatly. But Sasha is a throwback to the self-assured actors of the '50s. He's not the type to look down at the floor and cry sensitively." 
Unless, of course, you bring up Mom, mention apple pie or tell him to strip down for an underwear ad. Then forget about it. "
So looking for a while on the web this is all I could find. Any idea where it is from?

Troy Gentile - "The Goldbergs" -season 1 ep.3

Brian Geraghty. - "Bobby" - 2006 - NSFW

Know shia is the nude guy and Kutcher is the other one but don't know who is in the (not so) tighty whities.

Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Jason London - "Tales from the Crypt" - Expanded

Thanks to Finbar for id'ing the other pledges in the scene, I thought I would re-cap with them in it a bit more. Source still sucks unfortunately. You can watch the scene on youtube here:


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