Olivier Giroud - French Footballer

Saw this on "Famous Male Forums" site today and wanted to share. Throwing his shorts into the crowd after a match. Why doesn't this happen in America????

Jack Plotnick - "Gods and Monsters" - 1998

Movie about the life of director James Whale (director of "Frankenstein" and "Bride of Frankenstein" among others). In this scene a young reporter is trying to interview him and he will only answer questions if the reporter removes a piece of clothing for each answer. I have more pics from the movie (same guy) so if anyone wants to see them let me know and I will post. BTW, I didn't have any colored brief scenes for today. If anyone has any suggestions let me know and I can try to find.

 Hey, it's Magneto!

Hunter Thomsen - "We The Kings"

Alternative/Emo band. Nothing hotter, to me, than a rock star in tighty whites. Especially in this day and age.

"Brad" 2 - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

A few more Brad's before we move on ....

"Brad" - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Rather than just post some pictures of Barry Bostwick (although there are a few) I found pics of regular guys who act out the film at midnight screenings. Therefore if you are looking for "movie star" looks you might not like this post, but I kind of think it's hot these guys are willing to expose themselves to a theatre full of people.


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