Stevan Jovetic - footballer

This guy doesn't have to be pantsed ... seems perfectly fine with being in his underwear on the field.

Nicklas Helenius - Aston Villa footballer

This is the incident Fren referenced in the post below. Guy gets his shorts pulled down during game.

David Beckham Quote

“I mean, I like tighty-whities,” David Beckham told Celebuzz. “Someone asked me about tighty whities the other day, and I love them! They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well. It’s [comfortable]. But I wear boxers as well.”

Jeffrey Nordling - Once and Again - S03 E15

A (pretty great) contribution from a reader. Thanks S.H.!

Sexual Dependency - 2003 - set 2

Reader recently asked for locker room scenes .... this is a good one.

Raphael Sbarge - "Prison for Children" - 1987

Shower/change scene. After the haircut, character was showered and made to change into his underwear. Everyone else seemed to get their jail jumpsuit but, for some reason, he didn't. Reader sent me an improved source to cap from.

Charlie McDermott and Sebastian Stan - "Hot tub time machine" - deleted scene

Thanks to some readers for pointing this out. Finally, McDermott out of boxers and into briefs! Bad source unfortunately.


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