Funny or die - "Tighty Whitey" movie trailer

Ryan Kwanten - True Blood 1.3 - NSFW

Ryan forced to dance in his undies by his drug dealer (in this case vampire blood). He is so embarrassed that the dealer ultimately lets him wear a (nancy reagan?) mask.

Again, no briefs - things will get back to normal tomorrow. Thought this video was a good companion piece to the one below. - NSFW

Ike Barinholtz - no briefs, but this was the video that made me hope to see him in tighty whities some day.

Here is the youtube link:

Movie on Netflix

When I posted pics from "The great train robbery" some people wanted to know where to see the movie/scene and at the time it was only available in Europe. Just thought I would let people know it's now on netflix streaming if anyone is still interested. The pics are here:

Keanu Reeves - Parenthood - 1989 - Repost

Had to re-post this one because the source material in the first post was so bad. Have new found respect for Keanu after reading this article on him:

Video's - waste of bandwidth?

I've noted since I first started this site that whenever I post a video it gets about 1/4 the views (if that) of pictures posted, while taking up (obviously) a ton more space. Just curious if people think I should stop with the vids? I know they come out grainy (no matter how good the original source is) and I can't do anything about that. Anyway just thought I would try to get some opinions. I'm not doing this as a poll cause I'm actually kind of interested in why videos get so few hits so I'm hoping for a few comments. Thanks.

Shawn Ashmore and others - Strike - Repost and Expanded

From CMDB: "Towards the end of the film, the Flat Critters strip four malicious prep-school guys down to their undies; in one case, the contours of the prep-school victim's genitals are clearly visible through his tighty-whiteys. All four guys are properly humiliated when a girls'-school employee disgraces them by bringing them, in their underwear, to the attention of the headmaster." Some better lit pics at bottom of post.


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