Robbie Benson - Ice castles and Running Brave NSFW

Running Brave - Not sure how this got a "PG" rating back in the day as there is full frontal male nudity. Mind you, there is nothing sexual about it as it takes place in a locker room. There are some underwear sightings also, most notably Robbie, of course. Considering how most people would consider our society more sexually open than 30 years ago, I guarantee that the shower scene would have been excised if released today. matter of fact, I have heard the DVD actually edits it. I wonder why people have body issues when they are trained that simple nudity, with no sex involved, is a bad thing. The movie itself is an okay, if pretty formulaic, sports movie telling the true story of Billy Mills who ran, and won, in the Olympics.

"Ice Castles" - Another movie based on an actual athlete, this one was about a female skater who became blinded but continued to compete. Robbie was her boyfriend. The movie itself is ok but not really my cup of tea. As a matter of fact, if Robbie didn't have one of the most (and best) gratuitous underwear scenes of all time, I can pretty much guarantee I would have never watched it. I first saw pictures from this at the corner drugstore in a "fotonovel." These "fotonovels" were paperback books that took several hundred stills from a movie and inserted the dialogue from the film into the pictures much like a comic book. In the days before VCR/DVD they were the only way to "re-watch" a movie. I bought them for "Star Trek" and "battlestar Galactica" but Ice Castles was the one I really wanted due to the pics of Robbie in briefs. Of course I could never justify buying it as it was a "romance" movie so I would sneak looking at it whenever I could go to the store. Kinda pathetic. Straight kids were sneaking pics at playboy and I was sneaking pics at a fotonovel of a PG movie. This movie also had a huge hit with a fairly sappy tune by Melissa Manchester (I think) ... it was kind of the "My heart will go on" song of the late 70's. Great scene below:


  1. Robbie Benson is a very good looking guy. I stumbled across Running Brave on TV years ago and was attracted to him immediately. The only reason I bought Ice Castles on DVD was because of his tighty whities scene.

  2. these guys just let their dicks flop all over the place.



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