Frederick Lau - Neue Vahr Sued


  1. Typical european style. My favorite ones !

    1. That's the Continental European style, but I think British white briefs are like the American ones (like those on the guy on the top left of this page) with the seams on the front making the form of an upside-down Y, which is why British men often refer to their briefs as "Y-fronts." Either way, no matter what the country, there's nothing like a pair of white briefs to make a guy look sharp.

  2. Not sure I like them. A bit old fashion. I prefer a nice comfy low rise brief. This is probably the best style for me.
    I like the, with a bit of colours too.....
    Private Structure is a great brand in my opinion. If you are in the UK like (they have a good selection of Private Structure briefs!)

  3. The sheer manliness of the classic white brief is timeless. I wouldn't be surprised if 100 years from now you looked into the underwear drawers of the coolest, fittest, most fashionable guys, you'd find those drawers filled with white briefs.



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