Adult site: Physical

Will go back to celebs after this but will post some of these occasionally as they seem popular. In this scenario the poor kid is already nervous about his physical and then finds out his teacher will also be present throughout. Every time he tries to cover himself the teacher slaps his hands away. Then to make things worse a girl in his class he doesn't like shows up and they invite her to stay.


  1. Great post Adam! Love the site

    Have two ideas for scenes for the blog.

    1st is a scene with Stacy Keach in the movie "Fat City". The opening scene has him in his white briefs for a min or two hanging around his apartment in his white briefs. (Jockeys)

    2nd scene is in the movie "Songwriter" with Willie Nelson. A good looking guy is forced outside his hotel in his white briefs by someone at gunpoint.

    1. I looked up Songwriter and found a site that lets you view the movie for free. The underwear scene starts about 61 minutes in. It's a really good scene. Great find.

    2. Thanks to the two of you ... will check it out.



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