Blogs rapidly approaching 2 million page views. Seems pretty crazy given the (usually) PG pictures,

Pageviews all time history


  1. Adam congrats! Ive been a reader since late 2012 and i visit almost everyday.

  2. Congratulations! I also visit every day, it's become a part of my routine to check for updates.

  3. The immense popularity of your blog can be attributed to the enduring appeal of seeing other guys wearing white briefs just like our own and to the excellent way that you present them. We all are indebted to you.

  4. Thanks you guys ... appreciate it!

  5. Like all guys here, Adam, I just want to thank you very sincerly, for this very great briefs archieves. The best on te net.
    By the occasion, have a look on this latino novella, with a character (a main one) remaining a long time in his tighties. Not embarrassed at all. He's inspired by the movie A Clockwork Orange : (and several other youtube videos linked to this).
    I still have a request.. (i gave you the link, few weeks before : ) I know it's very short and very dark. But embarassmend is high level and the guy in his skimpy briefs, just perfect.
    Go on my friend

  6. Adam, congrats. I'm thinking you should definitely do a top ten list of most viewed posts again



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