Wayne Jarrat- "Prisoner Cell Block H" - ep.248 - Expanded with new pics.

posting for Fren. Australian soap opera set inside a women's prison. I vaguely recall this show being on when I was (much) younger. In this scene I believe there has been a prison break and the women strip the male guard down to his briefs and throw him into a cell. Bad source but decent embarrassment scene.


  1. Thank you so much, dear buddy :o)
    Do you know there is one more short sighting, few seconds later when the poor guy puts the pajamas on ?
    I discovered the show few weeks ago. His uniforme his thrown outside the jail. So, the police find it and how this guard has been caught and stripped by prisonners. It is also in the TV report. Very humiliating.But if I where one of this women I won't ever give him anything to put on ;o)

  2. The actor was Wayne Jarrat, an handsome guy who passed very young (31yo).

    1. Thanks for name and added in the additional shots you mentioned.

  3. Perfect Job. As usual. Thank you Adam



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