Joe Dempsie - "Happy Clapper" - 2011

Hey, it's one of my favorite characters from "Game of Thrones." Here is Gentry in (almost) tighty whities.


  1. Just thought I'd pass along some information you might be interested in for the site. Brian Austin Green appeared in a movie in 1991 called An American Summer where he plays strip poker with a girl and ends up in his tighty whiteys. Also, Shawn Ashmore appears in his boxers in the movie X-Men 2. Thought you might be interested in these for your website. Love the site by the way.

    1. Good call on the Brian Austin Green scene. THought he would be to young but according to IDMB to was 18 at the time. Will cap some pics. And while I love Shawn Ashmore, I still haven't forgiven him for switching to boxers from briefs. Thanks for the compliment on the site!

  2. I love it when cute rugged tough guys wear cartoon type briefs meant for boys....



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