Charlie Sheen - "Two and 1/2 Men"


  1. I remember this scene! It was nice how Charlie ended up in Jon's briefs. Thanks for posting Adam. Do you remember which episode/season this was? Thanks

    1. I don't but surely someone on this site does. People?

    2. season 7 episode 7 "Untainted by Filth"

  2. I had a few suggestions for you Adam.

    The movie 'The Naked Man" on streaming Netflix has a quick locker room scene with a buff guy in his white briefs in the back round changing at 9mins in.

    Also the movie "Big Eden" has a great scene about a 1/4 way in I think with the main character's handsome crush going stripping down for swim in the lake. He is wearing a nice tight pair of classic white briefs.

    I enjoy the blog and appreciate all your hard work. When I think of scenes that haven't been posted I will let you know.



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