Anyone know of any good music video's with white briefs?

Got a few suggestions below (which I found and capped) plus I have a few others to post. Wondering if there were some gems out there I wasn't aware of (like all the great horror movie ideas people sent). Off hand the one's I already capped but have yet to post are: Robbie Williams, Madonna, General public, prefab sprout and Kylie Minogue.


  1. besides "too much or nothing" and "deeper and deeper" which i assume you have capped and the ones you've already posted...

    john mellencamp - 'again tonight'
    the candy skins - 'wembley'
    body count - 'the winner loses'
    art garfunkel - 'a heart in new york'
    bowling for soup - "punk rock 101"
    randyandy - "the people in the U.S.A."
    kitty - "charlotte"
    stone temple pilots - "days of the week"
    bryan adams - "the only thing that looks good on me is you"
    the scorpions - "no one like you"
    aerosmith - "falling in love is hard on the knees"

    and a couple others i can see in my head - wish i could remember what they were!

  2. jordy - dur dur d'etre bebe
    treana - naked on you
    charlie baltimore - money

  3. First, i think to the very hot parody of robin thicke (Lame limes) :

    A very old one, who turned me off, when I was a teen : Eartha Kitt : I don't care ! (can go direct to 2'30)

    Julien Doré - Les limites By the way, the singer made once nice photoshots in whities (surely not his ones, but fill them nicely) :

    Yatta Happatai Kind of silly japanese song. A lot of parody around the world even in France, where the clip was shot directly in the streets

    Here you are for today, my friend

    1. Thanks you guys .... will look through these and they will pop up here from time to time.

  4. remembered two others:

    ministry - just one fix
    metallica - turn the page

  5. How about R.E.M. "It's the End of the World". At the end of the video, the kid takes his shirt off and his underwear is showing. They are white Fruit of the Looms with the double blue stripes.

    1. Kid was (is) to young for site. He was in High School at the time.

  6. A new one. The singer is a cute guy from Belgium. He's not the one in whites briefs (0,49).



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