Comments and spam

Spam has always been a problem but it is just overwhelming the board lately. I clean it up and the next day it is back en masse. I hate to do it but I am putting in the "word verification" system to try to weed out the spam. I hate word verification and I'm sure you guys do too. I hope it won't stop people from posting. If people hate it enough let me know and instead of that I guess I could do comment moderaton and get rid of spam that way. The good news is I'm going to suck it up and start posing again Monday (at a slower pace) .... V has sent some good stuff to get me started. Thanks for everyone's patience.


  1. I can't wait for you to get back to posts. I'm really enjoying this blog

  2. I have no problem with word verification if it cuts down on the spam. It really was getting out of control. I'm also glad to see you posting again.



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