Josh Brolin and others - "Prison for Children" - 1987

TV movie about juvenile detention. One of these guys is (I'm assuming) Josh Brolin since he is listed as being one of the stars but I really couldn't tell you who is who here. Obviously the source is pretty crummy.


                                           "I pray this movie comes out on Blu-ray"


  1. Pretty sure Josh Brolin is the guy in the back in the last pic wearing the T-shirt and briefs

  2. josh brolin is the guy who does the sign of the cross in this scene. he has a later scene where you get a nice view from the back. raphael sbarge is in the second pic and has other several scenes in various states of undress. aaron makinen is the guy boxing in briefs and has all the butt shots here. don't remember the names of the other actors (the end credits don't say who played who and most of them didn't do much else). mca/universal released this on laserdisc if you want a better source, though it never looked much better than this. it was made for cbs and had very low production values.

    1. actually just ordered a DVD of it but I'm sure it will be lousy quality (same as above) ... figured I could cap some more scenes for the site if I had the DVD. Thanks



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