Rodney To - "The American Mall"

Final tighty whitie scene from V (for now?) ... again, I'll let him set it up; "This is Rodney To from The American Mall. It was a movie designed to cash in on the success of High School Musical. It failed, but at least it gave us a nice pantsing during a musical number." Pics posted out of order (sorry about that!) 


  1. Not sure how I missed this one but what a great scene.


  2. love how when he's bent over in the trashcan you can see his balls from behind, so hot, even though his nuts look pretty small. makes you just want to put a firm hand around them ;)

  3. For those interested, the hunky main lead gets stripped to white boxer-briefs during the song "The New You." Not as good as white briefs, but not bad.



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