Jeremy Irvine - Stonewall


  1. This made my day. I've had a crush on him for a while now. He was in nothing but boxerbriefs for about ten minutes in Beyond the Reach but seeing him in white briefs is much better. Too bad you only have the two pictures. I guess I have to wait for the DVD, which doesn't come out until January. *sigh*

    1. I'll get more pics when the movie comes out .. this was from a behind the scenes so I don't know if it is in the move .. regardless, I am glad I made your day! running this site seems pointless at times!

    2. Adam - I can understand how it might seem pointless, but there are lots of us who greatly enjoy the site.

      For myself I'm trying to be a bit more participatory by providing sightings, leaving comments or by clicking the reaction buttons. Thanks for all you do.

    3. Thanks Tom .. I truly appreciate any comments and even a click on a reaction button. It may seem silly but when I see over 700 people have looked at a pic and there is only 1-2 reactions button clicks I do think "does no one like this?" And I don't feel like taking the time to post if no one even likes what is being posted. There are a small group of people that comment regularly and it is appreciated ...

    4. Hey man just letting you know I'm constantly looking at your site.

      I mean I go deep into the archives sometimes

      I was super happy when I found the site and I'm happy it's still up I'm happy that you have an actual archive of dudes in Tighty Whities

      I mean that's awesome! No site truly has that!

      Im usually pretty nervous to comment on anything and my phone is how I view and didn't even know I could "like" the post. But trust me I'm constantly digging on your site like a high schooler with a giant bottle of lotion and all the time in the world.

      You're awesome
      I love the site
      Much love

      Mr Freakshow.

  2. Sorry to hear you don't feel appreciated. I try to send regular suggestions and post comments. I've even sent caps a couple times which you graciously posted. I check the site at least twice every day. It really is fun discovering new scenes and I appreciate how much work it is. So even if I (and others) are just lurking, please know your blog is very much valued.

  3. You definitely need to cap this movie Adam. Jeremy Irvine is in his white briefs in about for or five scenes. Most of them are short, but there are some good shots. Also, quite a few of the other actors are in briefs as well.

    In the pilot episode of Superstore there's a quick scene of a guy standing in the store in white briefs while he washes his laundry.

    This one is kind of old, but in the Halloween episode of Comedy Bang Bang! they do a spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the actor playing Brad (or in this case Bread) is in white briefs for most of the episode.

    Also, Zac Efron is in red briefs in Dirty Grandpa.



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