Spencer Daniels - "mom" - 2013

I do like the short hair on him better.


  1. Hot guy ! and looks no shame in his briefs. It's supposed to happen nowadays. Regualr hot young guys like him really wears that kind of briefs in Unites States (I mean except of gay ones ;o) ) ?

  2. He does look better with shorter hair. Hopefully he will cut it soon and re-appear in his briefs. And Fren, back in high school I knew quite a few guys who still wore briefs. Though by senior year a lot of guys did switch to boxers or boxer-briefs. There was one hot guy on the football team who pretty much always wore white briefs. Never boxers, boxer-briefs, or even colored briefs. Always white.

    So I watched what I believe was a Japanese movie on YouTube a while back and I can't find it again. So I thought I'd describe it here and see if anyone else can help. I can't remember the name but it is at least partially set in a high school full of students run amok. The movie itself seems to be a comedy and it just very out there. Basically the students are horrible and teachers are always leaving. A male teacher comes in to help. There's one scene where a student is found stripped to his white briefs coming out of a room and he is apparently the school snitch. Then there's a scene of a teacher tied up to the gate in underwear (boxers, I think). Towards the end of the movie the teacher comes back with what I believe were robotic arm attachments to beat the students. He attaches a vacuum to his arm and uses it to suck the clothes off of three students, all of whom are in briefs. Their hair then gets sucked off, and I believe their underwear. Anyways, it had some good briefs sightings but I can't find it again and can't remember the name. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Oh no ! Are you telling me 3 Japanese boys lost their hair to a Vacuum? Any who this Spencer guy in my opinion looks better with long hair. (he looks like Jesse Eisenberg with short hair)but like him and Farrah Fawcett, + that guy from "Entourage" take away their hair and they are nothing.

  3. I like him with long hair and looks great in briefs with no pad underneath. Hot young man!



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