Jim True-Frost - "Off the Map" - 2003

Reader Sam sent these in which was much appreciated as I have never seen/heard of this movie. Thanks Sam!


  1. I liked this movie, and in particular this scene. And this is Jim True-Frost, probably best known for being on the wire.

  2. woah, never heard of this -- awesome find!


  3. I was disappointed with this movie. It should have been Sam Elliot naked in the garden not his wife apparently Sam's character is supposed to be always naked how convenient it is that it only happen in the bedroom why couldn't his wife's nudity only happen in the bedroom apparently Sam's character is known for walking around naked all the time at leas that's what people keep saying in the movie. I wish it would have had JK Simmons naked in the garden too maybe showing how what ever is effecting Sam is also affecting JK's character some how.



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