Tom Daley

British diver. Got the pics off famous male forums.


  1. Tom Daley seems to be a very nice personne. He's a good looking young briefman. I admit it's trunk, but very close to briefs. Nice post :o)

  2. A suggestion by the way, if you missed it on the Underwear4man Discussion board.
    A post signed by Daveinbriefs : show on the AMC channel .. set in the early 80's at the start of the computer revolution .... Lee Pace is the star... he was on the ABC show Pushing Daisies a few years ago ... anyway ... because this show is set in the 80's his character is 100% white briefs ....last nights episode... standing at a window .. no shirt ... just white briefs ..... one of the other main characters in the show has also been shown in his briefs

    Then, just want to share with you a nice embarrassement scene in an anime. Generator Rex. The character is a late teen hero. His underpants are exposed three times in the same episode : 01X16 The Swarm. They are not tighty whities, it's more embarrassment than humiliation (he is the hero) so don't consider the title of the video on Youtube :
    I went to streaming website to catch the last scene. It worth it also, when the briefs are exposed at TV for the whole world.

    Have a nice summer, buddy !



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