(Good) spoiler alert

If you want to see Finn Wittrock (Dandy) and Matthew Bomer in tighty whities you might want to watch this weeks "American Horror Story." Already saw some caps from it. Will likely have my own up Thursday.


  1. Waouh ! Makes me crazy ! How can you be so sure ? The last time we saw Matt Bomer in classical briefs was the first time I saw him. 11 years ago, in Guiding Light.
    He still looks so handsome, often shirtless, sometimes, naked bum in G-string but never more in tighty whities. Can't hardly wait ! Do you believe, Adam, AHS script writers visite often you website and love the same thing as we do ?

  2. Not sure if I posted this link on here or not. It's a British reality show. I love that the guy is in tight briefs. Not white unfortunately but still hot.

    This is from a British show from the 80s called Metal Mickey. Basically the family has a robot called Metal Mickey. One guy makes fun of Mickey so he uses his telekinetic powers to strip him to his colored briefs in front of his family and friend. Starts about 3:00 in.

  3. American Horror Story did not disappoint tonight. Damn, well done.


  4. Both guys were hot: Finn channeled American Psycho (Christian Bale) for a long scene and then enter Matt Bomer scene. Would have loved to have seen a little M2M action but definitely tug worthy and got a tighty whities fill for the night!

  5. looking forward to seeing these pics !

  6. Please post as soon as you can! My DVR screwed it up! I live on the east coast but am traveling in LA. Love Matt Bomer! Can't wait!



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