Jack O'Connell - photoshoot?

From the great http://mynewplaidpants.blogspot.com site. BTW, was disappointed last night during American Horror Story. Looks like they have gone with boxers for lobster boy :-(.


  1. So innocent looking, look at those eyes....yet so rugged and handsome....Yeah I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers as long as he wore those jockeys to bed.

  2. He looks terriffic in those briefs - I would drop to my knees in a heartbeat.

  3. QUESTION for the group...has anyone seen "Foxcatcher" that just came out? I live in freakin' Delaware, and it is playing NOWHERE. Not only does it look like an excellent film, but it is centered around Olympic-level (and Championship) wrestlers, one played by Channing Tatum and his character's brother, played by Mark Ruffalo. It is basically set in the 80's to mid-90s. I would think very ripe (if true to form) for tighty whitie sightings!

    If anyone 'catches' it, please report in!

  4. I've jerked off to this about 3 times so far. . .



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